Seed Vitalization – the seed enhancement method behind the Optigrow® seeds –is an innovative, patented and fully ecological process. For good reasons it can be expected to transform the conditions of hobby gardening within the near future.

The originator of this method is the former research director at Nelson Seed Development, Dr. Tongyun Shen. In 2016, she was granted The Swedish Award for Innovation in Memory of Alfred Nobel specifically for her development of Seed Vitalization.

Fully ecological

For hobby gardeners like you, Optigrow® seeds provide a natural alternative. The patented Seed Vitalization process has given them their unique properties without any addition of chemicals.

The key to the success of the fully ecological Optigrow® seeds is found in the balanced and rigorously controlled interaction of air and water.

Start like a professional

Thanks to a ground-breaking, patented ecological method for seed enhancement – Seed Vitalization – Optigrow® seeds combine the benefits of primed seeds with excellent storability.

From now on, you can therefore start your gardening season on equal terms with the pros. You can rightfully expect rapid and uniform germination, excellent weed competition and order more uniform maturity of plants and vegetables.

Faster growth - Better result

Since your Optigrow® seeds are prepared for rapid germination after sowing, they will produce seedlings of perfect uniformity and vigour. Seed Vitalization has raised their preparedness for germination to a new level.

The vitality following early field emergence gives your seedlings an “upper hand” in the competition with weeds, insects and sub-optimal conditions – e.g. due to flooding, draught or poor soils.

Strong weed competition

Since germination and seedling emergence take place shortly after sowing, your plants will be robust and vital – thus building an excellent weed resistance.

They and you will form a winning team in the eternal – and sometimes very fierce – competition with expansive weeds.

Fully ecological - no chemicals

No chemicals are used during the Seed Vitalization process. So if you want to join the expansive trend of ecological gardening, Optigrow® seeds offer you a natural and very attractive solution – especially if you grow herbs, spices or vegetables for your own household and want to avoid chemical crop protection.

Since some herbs and spices are sensitive to climate and soil conditions, utilizing the inherent vigour of the Optigrow® seeds is a natural (and easily available) precaution.

The sweet joy of success

Vitalization brings great robustness to your seeds. Vitalized seedlings have excellent tolerance against draught, flooding, rain and weed competition. The natural vigor of your seeds will generate a stable crop development even when conditions are not optimal – for example due to excessive rain or draught, or if they are watered too much or too little. You are likely to get rich, uniform crops – and a real boost of your pleasure from gardening!

Effective for all seeds

From the tests performed so far (including no less than 80 species and more than 200 varieties of seeds) we can draw the conclusion, that for most species Optigrow® seeds deliver a better result than the traditional seeds on the hobby gardening market. You will notice this difference – and enjoy it thoroughly – already upon your first season with Optigrow® seeds!

Our research laboratory

Our research and development facilities are well equipped, both in terms of technology and human knowledge. The scientists in our lab are devoted to seed technology and have spent years of successful research within this field. The team of post-doc researchers are instrumental in the development within innovative seed technology.


Optigrow® is the result of recent research and our brand is rapidly getting recognition all over the world. Please contact us via e-mail at for additional information on the options brought by Optigrow® seeds for you as a hobby gardener.