Optigrow® Seeds

Regardless of species, Optigrow® is a hallmark for fully ecological seeds with a unique set of properties brought by an innovative, patented seed enhancement method. Since this method was developed quite recently, we do not yet have a full range of seed varieties. At present, we are developing vitalization protocols for a number of commercial crops within the sectors vegetables, flowers and agricultural products. In early 2017, we have so far tested more than 80 species and 200 varieties.

It is all about your profitability
We conduct tests regularly, and the results are indeed encouraging. Early field emergence, strong weed competition and great uniformity are important performance factors, since they have a direct effect upon the profitability of the grower.

We are proud to say, that Optigrow® seeds compete well with seeds primed by traditional methods when it comes to these crucial aspects. The fact that they are also fully ecological and offer increased flexibility thanks to their exceptional storability adds two essential benefits.

Optigrow® seeds maintain their germination capacity over an extended period of time, in contrast to seeds primed by conventional methods. You will therefore be able to decide the date for sowing within an extended time-span, thus avoiding sowing under sub-optimal conditions. If you intend to produce crop for the expansive ecological market, fully ecological Optigrow seeds provide a natural fundament.

Put the potential
of your own seeds to test!

Can vitalization instead of the priming method presently used boost the potential in your own seeds and increase your flexibility?
There is one sure way to find out: Let us vitalize them and evaluate them in comparison with a control batch. We also provide storability tests.