An innovative, fully ecological process

Seed Vitalization – the seed enhancement method behind the Optigrow® seeds – is an innovative, patented and fully ecological process.

To maximize the harvest volume – and thereby profitability – the seeds are treated in a unique process chamber.

No chemicals (only air and water) are used during this procedure, which is normally performed by the seed producer. After Vitalization, the seeds qualify for the Optigrow® label – a hallmark of optimal seed quality.

Fully ecological

Seed Vitalization is performed without any chemicals involved and is therefore a revolution for growers of organic crops. The fact that bacteria and fungi are washed away from the seed coat surface during the process reduces the risk for seed-borne crop infections – and thereby also the need fungicides.

Rapid growth, better result



Since the Seed Vitalization process is stopped when the seed´s preparedness for germination reaches its peak level, germination will start shortly after sowing and bring vigorous, robust seedlings. This means strong weed competition and a profitable crop.


Excellent storability - Great flexibility

Thanks to the excellent storability of vitalized seeds, producers are free to perform the seed preparation during the least busy periods of the season. For the same reason, they can also target long-distance markets where the duration of transports disqualifies seeds prepared by traditional priming. Growers can stay flexible when deciding the date for sowing – thus avoiding sowing under sub-optimal conditions

Uniform crops

Crop uniformity means that a large portion of the crop will reach full maturity within the same time-span. This facilitates crop management and contributes to a profitable production. Since the seeds maintain their germination capacity over an extended period of time, the grower can stay flexible when setting the date for sowing – and thus avoid sowing under sub-optimal conditions.

Strong weed competition

Rapid germination and early field emergence (ahead of the weeds) interact to create strong weed competition – another factor facilitating crop management and reducing the need for treatment by herbicides.

Fully ecological – no chemicals

Seed Vitalization involves no chemicals and is therefore an attractive alternative for producers aiming at the expansive market for organic (ecological) products. Since bacteria and fungi are washed away from the seed coat during the Vitalization process, the risk for seed-borne crop infections can be reduced – as can the need for chemical plant protection products.

Reduced risk for infection

During the Seed Vitalization process, bacteria and fungi are mainly washed away from the seed coat. The risk for seed-borne crop infections and the need for fungicides will thus be reduced.

Effective on most species

From the tests performed so far (including no less than 80 species and more than 200 varieties of seeds) we can draw the conclusion, that for most species Optigrow® seeds deliver a better result than the traditional seeds on the professional market. You will notice this difference – and enjoy it thoroughly – already upon your first season with Optigrow® seeds!

Our research laboratory

Our research and development facilities are well equipped, both in terms of technology and human knowledge. The scientists in our lab are devoted to seed technology and have spent years of successful research within this field. The team of post-doc researchers are instrumental in the development within innovative seed technology.


Optigrow® is the result of recent research and our brand is rapidly getting recognition among professionals all over the world. Please contact us via e-mail at for additional information on the options brought by Optigrow® seeds within your specific sector of production.